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Hummingbird Photo

Living Bird, Autumn 2020, pg. 64

The associate editor said, “We loved the feeling of hopefulness in the image!”

Downy Woodpecker Photo

Birding, August 2020, pg. 32 (bottom-left)

The editor needed a photo for an article titled, “Downy Woodpeckers in the Digital Age.”

Piping Plover Photo

Birding, February 2020, pg. 5

I submitted this photo to celebrate my 300th lifer and they used it for the table of contents.

Lark Sparrow Photo

Birder’s Guide (ABA), November 2018, pg. 10

The editor selected this photo from a shared checklist of a group birding trip.

Field Notebook Entry

How to Teach Nature Journaling, 2020, pg. 74

The author, John Muir Laws, requested to use this page of my journal in his book.

Young Birder of the Year

Announcing the 2019 Young Birders of the Year

In 2019 I was awarded the Young Birder of the Year from the ABA for my age group.