Ronan Nature Journaling

Tips for Nature Journaling

I began journaling birds in January 2018. The previous November, I had taken a sketching class with Kieth Hansen and that was when I started drawing birds in the field. For Christmas, to encourage me to draw and observe birds more, my parents bought me The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling, a book … Read more

A Christmas Lifer

Winter had just begun and so had the rare birds in Sacramento. A late Western Tanager had been observed eating fruit, its winter diet, in a backyard and a Band-tailed Pigeon had gotten lost on the American River. But the most unusual bird listed today was a White-winged Scoter who felt at home on the … Read more

Fall birding at Colusa

On the 26th of November, our family took a trip to Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. This nature area is in northeastern Colusa County, California and has over one million ducks and geese in winter. From where I live in Sacramento, the drive takes about 1.5 hours. On finding the correct exit and getting off, we … Read more