How a bunch of teen birders spotted 100 species in a single day with Kenn Kaufman at the Point Reyes Birding Festival

It was April 27th at six in the morning. We had woken up an hour earlier and packed what gear we needed into our backpacks. After that, my dad and I quickly ate breakfast and drove southwest from Sacramento toward the coast of California. The sun was just coming up and as it became lighter, … Read more

Tips for Nature Journaling

Ronan Nature Journaling

I began journaling birds in January 2018. The previous November, I had taken a sketching class with Kieth Hansen and that was when I started drawing birds in the field. For Christmas, to encourage me to draw and observe birds more, my parents bought me The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling, a book … Read more

A Christmas Lifer

Winter had just begun and so had the rare birds in Sacramento. A late Western Tanager had been observed eating fruit, its winter diet, in a backyard and a Band-tailed Pigeon had gotten lost on the American River. But the most unusual bird listed today was a White-winged Scoter who felt at home on the … Read more

Chasing a Rare Bird in California – The Worm-eating Warbler

One evening the news came. Andrew Lee, a prominent eBirder, spotted a Worm-eating Warbler in Sacramento County at a park only minutes from our house. This species had not been seen in Northern California for almost 50 years. January had just begun, so it probably got lost in the recent storms during migration. No one … Read more